Madeline + Asa

A Beautiful Backyard Wedding

The wedding of Madeline & Asa was truly special! These two are so in love and you can see it from the moment Asa sees Madeline walking down the aisle all the way until they are dancing the night away with family and friends. Enjoy their amazing wedding film! #gamesetperfectmatch

How did they meet?
Our story really begins before we were even born. Summering on the same island together, we knew each other, though not well, since we were toddlers. The infrequency of our crossing paths led us to create wildly inaccurate judgments of each other.

Namely, we hated each other.

When Asa was seven, he ripped off the heads of Maddie’s barbie dolls during a week when his uncle rented her family cottage. When he was twelve, much to his chagrin, he watched her clean up at the annual island Penny Party.

But deep down, he also liked her.

When he was maybe eleven, Maddie came down the hill to watch some tennis, a usual weekend morning practice. He was on court, playing doubles with his family and immediately noticed her. Immediately. He hit every shot thereafter twice as hard and lost in short order.

When we were twelve, our moms joined us in a doubles match. They seemed to know it was destiny even back then. Neither of us remember the score, but Maddie remembers the hot pink underwear she wore under her white tennis shorts.

And then, in the summer of 2007, the stars finally aligned. After a boat outing, Asa walked up the pier with his Dad, headphones in like any teenager. Madeline and a friend were walking down and the four stopped to speak. Like a chivalrous and cultivated gentleman, Asa took one earbud out. He still remembers the song he was listening to, Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother. Bruce and Madeline exchanged hellos as Asa kicked rocks into the ocean, too afraid to say anything. But that night, at the island picnic, he summoned up the courage to join her and her friends and family. The next morning, they played tennis. For three hours. And the rest is history!

How did they get engaged?
Both of our families were in Maine for the weekend. We took a family walk around the island to end up at the tennis courts, which were not ready for the summer season. We worked for 3 hours that afternoon rolling and sweeping the courts. When we finished, everyone was insistent that Asa, our moms & I play our annual mother-child tennis match. I was getting very hangry and did not want to play but Asa’s mom was there for such a short time and seemed so excited. When we got on the court, I told Asa how I was NOT looking forward to this and all I wanted to do was eat lunch. We got into the match. Asa and I were up 3-0. Then, in the middle of a great point Asa caught the ball saying it was “dead.” I started getting so annoyed since it was breaking the rules and we had lost that point. But, he asked his mom to throw him a new ball, which ended up being a dog ball with a slit in it. Asa came back to the baseline where I was and got down on one knee. The whole family was on the court with champagne to celebrate!

What does a perfect date night look like?
A casual dinner, just the two of us. Maybe going to a movie and probably exercising together before (running, tennis, squash).

What is the funniest memory?
Well we just have a lot of inside jokes… they can’t really be explained or when they are, they are absolutely not funny to anyone else. But it’s even funnier when someone does a “call back” of one of them.

A shout out to these amazing vendors!

Cinematography // The Lasting Moment
Planner // Margaret Cally Events
DJ // Dj Empez
Hair // Mitch Allen
Makeup // Makeup by Sarah Lord
Photographer // Catherine Threlkeld Photography
Dress // Mothers - Vintage Priscilla/Vera Wang
Jewelry // kate spade new york
Shoes // Betsey Johnson
Bridesmaid Dresses // Lilly Pulitzer
Caterers // Two Chefs Are Better Than One Catering